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About Us

Bioelektra Group is a Polish company investing in municipal waste management. We offer a comprehensive solution to the waste problem - recycle all reusable materials from waste and produce a biomass - low calorie fuel and renewable energy source. Our solution is based on the innovative RotoSTERIL technology for recycling municipal waste, which we have created and patented.

Our main priority is to introduce the innovative RotoSTERIL technology to the mainstream municipal waste management. Today, the RotoSTERIL technology already meets all the European standards and the requirements of the Minister of Environment on waste management set until 2020 (prohibiting storing of any biodegradable or high-energy waste).

Our technology is based on the mechanical and heat processing of waste (MHT). The method is based on a uniquely effective process during which the non-sorted municipal waste is sterilised with steam in RotoSTERIL BEG 7000, the facility we designed. Next, the waste is effectively sorted into individual fractions intended for its further re-use.

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