About Us

In Call Center Inter Galactica we have provided outsourced contact center services and supported our B2C and B2B business partners since 2002. 60 clients across 17 industries are a testament to our knowledge, skills and experience.We are a market expert in activities related to customer service and sales. What works to our advantage is the combination of three key areas of contact center ‒ creative people, flexible processes and technology, making tradition work seamlessly with technology. That's why we can handle more than 100,000 calls every day. We use all communication channels to reach, attract and retain customers:

| phone
| text messaging
| e-mail
| live chat
| direct mail
| social media

In CCIG we combine the worlds of our contractors and customers in ways that exceed their expectations.Every day we go beyond the beaten path and draw inspiration from the fact that everyone is unique. We make innovation of tomorrow available today, remembering that it is always worth to talk.

Call Center Inter Galactica
ul. Rzeźnicza 32/33
50-130 Wrocław
tel. +48717227200
@: biuro@ccig.pl

Business size

500+ employees

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