About Us

EMEM company exists on the Polish market from 1989.
We are dealing with the import and the sale of gift, decorative goods for shops, everything for 4 PLN, and of occasional goods from the Far East.
Wholesale companies are making the wide circle of our recipients:
multiple-branch, gift, AGD, commercial chain stores, an advertising agencies and online shops on the land of the entire country.
Besides domestic sales we are also leading the sale export, inside common and Tax Free with the possibility of the payment of the value added TAX for the our recipients. Long-standing experience in the bussines, the qualified workers personnel and the wide assortment of goods positions lets the order proccesing of even most demanding customers.
Constantly foreign representatives cooperating with us and designers are dealing with extanding the goods and the quotation answering to the market and needs of our present and future customers.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence