About Us

ULTIMO is the leading debt management company in Poland with 13 years of experience in the acquisition and servicing of consumer NPL (non-performing loans). Our activity focuses on building professional relations with Polish consumers, business partners and debt vendors (banks, telecoms, other service providers).

The source of ULTIMO’s success lays in the ethical and advisory strategy to debtors and high quality business approach. ULTIMO’s core business follows the constant development and growth strategy. Additionally, while being an active participant of the consumer market we notice and explore new market opportunities and potentials.

Our key competences – strong risk management skills and experience in mass processing and customer service, feed through creative and innovative solutions. In response to the needs of our business partners, ULTIMO implemented in 2012 an unique financial product – purchase and service of regular loans.
Takto is a special purpose vehicle currently involved in the Group’s pilot lending business.

In July 2014, Norwegian B2Holding, a leading European specialty finance business, signed an agreement to acquire the entire share capital of ULTIMO.

Business size

500+ employees

Commercial presence